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Latin America en Fuego

COSTA RICA What a privilege to serve this fall in Latin America. All events considered we delivered almost 20 over 14 service days and we are tired but oh so happy. What a wonderful reception the message received. Our first stop was Heredia, Costa Rica where we delivered 4 breakout sessions in 2 days at the GC3 Cumbre. Attendees were missionaries from across not only Latin America and the Caribbean but Africa and the Middle East. There were several there from Texas for good measure. Yeehaw! Our focus is to train up the body through education, ignite them to take what they've learned and activate it in their communities and then watch the transformation that ensues. The transformation occurs not just in the hearts of those we serve but in our own hearts as well as we seek to serve those in need through emotional, physical and spiritual food. We were delighted to have the new King & Queen of the Yuroba Tribe of Nigeria into our training event.


Next up on our agenda was a two country service and training opportunity in both Huehuetenango, Guatemala and a short drive up and across the border to San Cristobal, Chiapas Mexico. We were able to deliver 15 events in about 12 training days. We taught over 1000 people at the venues and reached untold numbers through an hour long radio interview at the local station 89.3 Changing Generations.

We also had the privilege of partnering with and pouring into an outreach exclusive to orphans and widows in Santa Barbara, Huehuetenango, Guatemala. The indigenous peoples who are widows and orphans of the area are provided language lessons, word studies, work training, some food, medical help, and other necessities to those who have little to nothing. These people groups are severely persecuted by the locals. We were delighted to donate a special chocolate treat that is rare to the many who were there with their children on the Tuesday we visited. We also prayed over them and were able to provide each family in the program the "best blanket" according to LynnAnn who leads Loving Indeed. It was the most durable, the warmest and stood up well to washing so that is what we wanted them to have. These are things we are able to do with your support.


Our final leg was to the 39th most persecuted place on earth, Chiapas, Mexico. We worked with local partners, as we always do, so we have the best understanding of the needs of the region. We never want to come in and "do our own thing" when we know there are people in the field who have a much better read on the local needs. We got to deliver a multitude of trainings across several local church bodies on how to get activated with LOVE and extend that to those who are in greatest need of emotional, spiritual and physical healing. We found such wonderful and receptive audiences who were full of ideas on how they could activate what they'd learned into their communities. They'd started before we even left by offering their homes with open doors. It was such a delight to see.

Our hearts are full and our bodies are still recovering but there is nothing we'd rather be doing than going to reach and teach how to share the love of God with anyone and everyone. Much love, Mark & Susan

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