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Africa Training & Outreach

Africa Outreach an Amazing Success

RTL spent a week in a major African capital city training pastors and other believers on how to deal with rising persecution against the Christian faith and how to interact lovingly with those who persecute them. Several hundred attended from multiple churches for this 17+ hour training. The attendees responded enthusiastically and were extremely thankful to have received so much knowledge and so many skills. The pastors invited us to return at our earliest opportunity to provide the training to even more people.

RTL also includes humanitarian outreach wherever we go. Because of Covid-19, we are happily serving locally in our home town of San Antonio, TX right here in the United States. When it's available again we will be serving in whatever other countries God calls us to. In our last trip to Africa, we visited orphanages and one psychiatric hospital children's ward. Many of these orphans are stricken with AIDS from birth or through rape. Many orphanages simply warehouse children and collect donations. But we established a strong partnership with a rural orphanage that we vetted through examination of its finances, and which was strongly recommended by our host church. You can partner with us financially HERE with a one time or recurring tax-deductible gift. The task is overwhelming but that will never stop us from doing what we can. 

“I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do.” 

                                                              ― Edward Everett Hale


Join Us in DOING Something!



San Antonio Covid -19 Outreach

RTL is partnering locally to provide food, masks and diapers to foreign-born residents who have little access to those basics. If you don't have a car then you can't drive through the Food Bank events. That is where we come in. New Hope Connections is working with the SA Food Bank and Daily Bread to provide food to those in need. RTL is delivering boxes and raising money to provide diapers and masks to those who can't get out. Won't you help us by providing or donating so we can purchase more food, diapers and masks for those who feel lost in this process? 
DONATE: Items - can you no-contact drop needed items off?
DONATE: Time - can you help deliver boxes to residents?

DONATE: Money - we can purchase items with your donations
Contact us asap if you have masks, diapers or dried rice and beans you can donate in packages of 20. If you can't drop off we can pick up within the city of San Antonio. THANK YOU!


Mission In Your City - San Antonio, TX

Our "Mission in Your City" event was a great success. We can host a 1 day or a 2.5 day outing. Please contact us if you want to be on a list to be contacted for upcoming dates or for us to customize an event for your group. Come with us from Friday afternoon to Sunday night on a 3-day in city mission to reach out to legal immigrants and refugees all displaced from their home countries. Many have served as translators for our US military. Experience and learn from completely different lives and cultures right here in San Antonio, Texas. The nations have come to us, so let's go!
 Contact us for more details.
Ages 5-17 must be accompanied by a parent. 

Speaking and Training Opportunities

Reach|Teach|Love International is ready, able and willing to deliver classes online via ZOOM to your people and host a training event customized to your needs. We do this for free to help educate and elevate the understanding of what we, as Christians, can do for immigrants and those who are hurting and in need. Contact us today to customize a solution for you and your group. 



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