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Mission of Hope - Iraqi Orphans

RTL traveled to Mosul to distribute food and other supplies to the approximately 5000 orphans left behind by ISIS fighters in this city. The ISIS occupation and subsequent military action to reclaim Mosul left the city in ruins, the children without parents and the wives without husbands. Many women were raped and some of the resulting children have been orphaned because it brings such shame on the families. Many orphans are simply homeless and barely scraping to survive. We will also be ministering to the hearts, minds, and spirits of these beautiful children and focusing on longterm solutions like sustainable gardening and micro-farming. We will be returning in 2019 to continue our work there.

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Iraqi Dental Clinic

We are hosting a Dental Clinic in Iraq in September. This clinic serves as an opportunity to provide dire dental service to those who haven't been served in years, or in some cases, ever. We get to continue to build relationships with those we met last year in Iraq who are in such dire need after the ISIS invasion for 3.5 years. Thank you to Capital Dental Equipment for volunteering their people, services, and equipment! If you are a dentist, assistant or hygienist who would like to go contact us today.

 Thank You!

San Antonio, Texas

RTL spends 80% of our time in local US communities. We provide ongoing assistance to refugees, immigrants and asylum seekers who have landed in San Antonio. We provide help navigating the immigration system, organize efforts to supply their homes and apartments with furniture, kitchen, and household goods, help them find jobs, train them on American culture, provide English language classes, direct them to or host medical and dental clinics, and help them assimilate into the American way of life.  


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Uganda Outreach & Training

RTL will travel to Uganda in July to deliver training to over 300 attendees. We always work with local in-country partners who live and work full-time in the areas we serve. We're excited to also provide outreach to local orphans and widows. The goal is to mitigate the educational, nutritional, financial and physical and emotional health needs of critically vulnerable single and dual orphaned children and impoverished widows. The size of the job may seem overwhelming but we can't do nothing. Your support is the only way we can serve the needs of the international community. Whether it's a one-time gift or a recurring donation, every penny helps and is tax-deductible. 

English as a Second Language

RTL continues to provide English language classes FREE to refugees in the U.S. looking to improve their skills. To date, during this summer's Monday classes, we’ve had students from Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Burma, Thailand, and Chad. Many wonderful connections have come from these classes. Classes are held on Mondays and Wednesdays from 1:00 – 3:00 pm. 
Beginners 1-2pm and Intermediate and Advanced from 2-3pm. If you know of someone in need please contact us


Amman, Jordan

RTL has an ongoing project based in Amman, Jordan to minister to the many needs of Syrian refugees who escaped the civil war in their home country for tent camps in Jordan. RTL work includes supporting schools for refugee children, distribution of humanitarian aid, and ministering to the spiritual and emotional needs of those who have endured so much tragedy and loss.

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